The Aroche wollastonite deposits are found in the vicinity of Aroche, a small village situated in the province of Huelva, in the most southwest corner of Spain, bordering Portugal and facing the Atlantic Ocean.

The mining industry in Huelva is one of the oldest mining areas in the world and for many years was the leading producer of pyrite and copper in Europe, and still is a major producer of polymetallic ores today. Rio Tinto Plc and Tharsis are well-known for their long mining history in the region.

The province of Huelva has a good railway and road network, with highways that connect Huelva with Seville and Portugal. Huelva is an international port and trades with other Spanish ports to which it sends refined oil products and other industrial goods. The Port of Huelva is approximately 100 km from the Aroche wollastonite project and is connected by paved roads.

The Aroche wollastonite has been permitted to mine marble since 1991 and is valid for 90 years. Iberian Minerals intend to develop a work program to potentially verify an economic wollastonite resource and make an application to the Spanish Mining Authorities to include the wollastonite in the existing mining permit. There exists a significant amount of historical exploration and investigation data available on the property, with an estimated cost of over €3 Million in relative value today.


World Class Aroche Wollastonite Project in the Province of Huelva, South West Spain   

  •  Mining Permit granted in 1991 – valid for 90 years
  • 10 Km to rail connecting to Port of Huelva 100 Km distance
  • Hydro, water, and excellent paved road network
  • High European demand, only one current European producer
  • Significant exploration data available

Detailed studies carried out by ADARO in 1987 and 1988 and ALMAGERA S.A. between 1989 and 1991 included 56 diamond drill boreholes with more than 1500 samples and detailed geological analysis.

Global Market

  • Ceramics and Glass: 30%-40%
  • Polymers (plastics & rubber): 30%-35%
  • Paints and Coatings: 10%-15%
  • Construction Materials, friction products & metallurgical applications: 5%-10%


  • The Institute of Ceramics and Glass of Spain has performed preliminary beneficiation, mineralogical and chemical analysis, electron microscope studies.
  • Results show the wollastonite concentrates match or exceed the American and European commercial standards.
  • Comparable products range between US$200 – $400/Ton
  • Maximum market value US$1,900/Ton
  • Large percentage of deposit can be sold without any processing, just crush and classify
  • Large European demand in ceramic and glass industry
  • Iberian Minerals cost to enter agreement to acquire 90% of the project – ZERO



  • The Aroche Wollastonite deposit is one of the most important in Europe
  • Spain and southern Europe are large consumers of wollastonite in the ceramic industries
  • Studies and pulications from the Universities of Heulva, Cadix and Seville on Aroche have attracted considerable attention from the spanish and Portuguese ceramics industries
  • The closest supplier in Europe in Finland with only 10-15,000 tonne annual production
  • Mining by-products have a secondary use as an excellent quality gravel for road construction
  • The Andalusia region of spain is one of the oldest mining jurisdictions in the world, with talented miners
  • World class logistics – rail throughout Europe, roadway network and deep sea Port of Huelva
  • Mining Permit granted in 1991, valid for 90 years



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