Mineworx has developed the unique HM X-mill, a patent-pending, eco-friendly, portable, energy-efficient, mineral grinding mill.

The HM X-mill is a transformation in grinding technologies and is based on Mineworx’s proprietary, high velocity, horizontal rotary milling design. It is designed for the fine grinding of ores and regrinding of concentrates and tailings. It is designed to produce a consistent particle size with 100% of the ground material passing 100 mesh (150 μm).

The HM X-mill significantly reduces the operational footprint, energy consumption, operational costs, and capital costs of fine grinding. The HM X-mill is designed to be energy-efficient and portable allowing for low-cost operation in remote installations with the minimal infrastructure required.

The HM X-mill was designed for a stand-alone application, or as an additional component for the HM X-tract, our patent-pending mobile mining/extraction technology for hard-rock gold processing and alluvial (placer) gold deposits.

Most grinding in the mineral industry is achieved using devices containing a steel grinding medium, which can cause issues in the subsequent gravity and flotation processes. The HM X-mill uses no grinding media, reducing operational costs, and avoiding contamination-related performance issues.

The HM X-mill utilizes a dry grinding environment whereby the ground product is air separated by cyclones and a specialized screening medium prior to discharge into a proprietary automated slurry system. This provides a consistent particle/grain size and programmable slurry density for downstream processes.

The advantages of the HM X-mill include:

  • lower capital costs– the small size and unique design of the HM X-mill reduces its construction and installation costs relative to conventional mills. It is container-based, eliminating the need for costly foundations and support infrastructure,
  • lower operating costs– the energy efficiency of the HM X-mill’s low horsepower requirement give it a low operating cost for its grinding duty.
  • energy efficiency– the grinding method used in the HMX-mill is more energy-efficient than conventional ball mills, rod mills, or high pressure grinding rolls,
  • portability, and ease of installation – the HM X-mill is container-based and portable in nature allowing access to remote installations and fast on-site setup. This is a key consideration for short term installations for the processing of smaller deposits or stockpiled ores.
  • ease of maintenance– the design of the HM X-mill makes all parts easy to access for ease of maintenance. High-wear parts are easily replaced. A team of two people can complete a rotor wear plate change within 4 hours

The HM X-mill is a low CAPEX and OPEX solution in mineral processing, offering a small environmental and operational footprint, accelerated permitting process, and reduced reclamation.