Mineworx has developed a unique, PATENTED mobile mining/extraction process and an innovative new business model for the precious metal mining sector. The combined water clarification and filtration technologies allow operators to recycle most of the process water used at a typical mine site. This conserves water, minimizes environmental discharge, and significantly reduces or eliminates the necessity for tailings ponds.

The HM X-tract is a completely modular, turn-key portable processing unit, which includes crushing, grinding, gravity separation, floatation, concentration, clarification, water recycling, power generation, and operational service and support modules.

There are hundreds of mineral deposits and economic tailings opportunities across North America that could benefit from the combination of these innovative technologies and unique business model. Mineworx is poised to capitalize on this underserved market and is now actively investigating numerous, attractive near-term production opportunities.

The Mineworx Business Model

Mineworx has identified a significant and highly overlooked opportunity within the mining sector. The smaller, high-grade deposits were being completely dismissed and undervalued by the industry. This was due simply to an entrenched mindset and partly due to the fact that the smaller deposits didn’t justify the high capital cost of a conventional mill. Mineworx will unlock the value of these thousands of smaller deposits through the use of new eco-friendly, innovative, and sustainable technologies that could be set up on-site in weeks.

The Mineworx business model is to seek out advanced stage mineral deposits on which to employ its portable processing technologies, and to partner with the existing owners and operators to advance these to profitable production in a timely and cost-effective manner. The ability to offer a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to conventional mining practices opens a huge world of opportunities within a large established market segment.

  • Environmentally friendly mine processing is now a reality
  • Unique business model to seek out advanced-stage gold deposits to employ the HM X-tract
  • Partner with existing property owners to advance their deposits into a profitable production in a timely manner
  • Accelerated production profile, enhancing profit potential, minimizing uncertainties of mine production
  • 3 years in the development of this proprietary technology
  • There are 1000’s mineral deposits and economic tailings opportunities across North America
  • Mineworx is poised to capitalize on this under-served market.