Mineworx Technologies is positioned for growth through relationships within the mining, E-Waste, and Catalytic Converter sectors.  By utilizing it’s patented and patent-pending environmentally friendly portable extraction technologies along with rights to a non-toxic, cyanide-free precious metals formula within the mining sector, business opportunities deploying these cost-effective, extractive metallurgical solutions will optimize the future growth prospects of the company.

Serving Underserved Markets

Mineworx is poised to capitalize on the underserved markets of mining plus E-Waste processing through its Joint Venture with EnviroLeach Technologies


Investing in Proprietary Technologies

Mineworx has invested over $4.5 million and 3 years to develop its proprietary, patented, and pending mining technologies.

Innovative Catalytic Converter Processes

Taking the lead on developing processes for a massive untapped market.


Current Technologies

Three current technologies for the mining sector: X-Leach, the patented X-Tract, and patent-pending X-Mill

Potential for Joint Ventures.

Other Notable Highlights

    • Company technology allows for the extraction of precious metals and solves smelter issues with diesel catalytic converters.
    • Letter of Intent with Davis Recycling, a leading catalytic converter recycler on the U.S. eastern seaboard. 
    • Davis Recycling provides the supply to meet the needs of a fully commercialized facility.
    • Third-party engineering for pilot plant design completed.
    • The fully-funded pilot plant is planned to be operational in late Q1 2021. 
    • Forecast start of phase one commercialization in late 2021. 
    • Fully scaled production to generate an anticipated $100+ million in revenue per year, with a gross margin of ~20%.
    • Business strategy to build and operate multiple plants throughout North America.